Friday, December 11, 2009

EagleMoss DC Super Hero Lead Figures Collection

My EagleMoss DC Super Hero Lead Figures Collection.

Completed as of today, with all 47 unique characters released so far.

Close-up of top shelf (heroes):

Close-up of bottom shelf (villians):

Issue 1: Batman
Issue 2: Superman
Issue 3: The Joker
Issue 4: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
Issue 5: The Flash (Wally West)
Issue 6: Robin (Tim Drake)
Issue 7: Green Arrow
Issue 8: Wonder Woman
Issue 9: Catwoman
Issue 10: Ra's Al Ghul
Issue 11: Lex Luthor
Issue 12: Two-Face
Issue 13: Scarecrow
Issue 14: Supergirl (Kara Zor-El)
Issue 15: Captain Marvel
Issue 16: Riddler
Issue 17: Starfire
Issue 18: Martian Manhunter
Issue 19: Nightwing
Issue 20: Booster Gold
Issue 21: Raven
Issue 22: Donna Troy
Issue 23: The Spectre
Issue 24: Creeper
Issue 25: Deadshot
Issue 26: The Penguin
Issue 27: Deathstroke
Issue 28: Sinestro
Issue 29: Black Adam
Issue 30: Captain Cold
Issue 31: Aquaman
Issue 32: Superman Prime
Issue 33: Hawkman
Issue 34: Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)
Issue 35: Bizarro
Issue 36: Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)
Issue 37: Hitman
Issue 38: Guy Gardner
Issue 39: Brother Blood
Issue 40: Mary Marvel
Issue 41: Golden Age Green Lantern (Alan Scott)

Issue 1: Batman with rooftop
Issue 2: Darkseid
Issue 3: Doomsday
Issue 4: Bane
Issue 5: Killer Croc
Issue 6: Gorilla Grodd
Issue 7: Batman with batcycle

Mega Special
Issue 1: Anti-Monitor

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

TV Series Ladies Collection

TV Series Ladies Collection. Complete with all ladies figures released from the following TV series:

- Battlestar Galactica (2004)
- Dark Angel
- Get Smart
- Heroes
- Lost
- Smallville
- Torchwood

See if you can identify who is who ;)

Left side close-up:

Middle close-up:

Right side close-up:

Special thanks to Kenneth bro for the Max Guevara (Biker Suit) figure ;)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

DC Universe Infinite Heroes Collection

DC Universe Infinite Heroes Collection: Complete with all figures released by Mattel.

Of course, if you have the 30" lucky draw Anti-Monitor figure (only 9 pieces made) for sale, let me know ;)

Left side close-up:

Middle close-up:

Right side close-up:

Starting from the back row:

1st row (from left to right):

          [Large-Size Figures]
          Lex Luthor (battle armour) (from 8-pack)
          Killer Croc (from 6-pack)
          Monsieur Mallah (from 6-pack)
          Hawkman (from 3-pack)
          [Exclusive Figures]
          Anti-Monitor (SDCC 2009 exclusive)
          Green Lantern (2009 Best Buy DVD exvlusive)
          Monitor (MattyCollector exclusive)
          Wonder Woman (2009 Best Buy DVD exvlusive)
          [Single Carded Figures]
          #01 - Black Adam
          #02 - Black Hand
          #03 - Adam Strange
          #04 - Captain Marvel (Shazam!)
          #05 - Guy Garder

2nd row (from left to right):

          #06 - Professor Zoom
          #07 - The Atom (Ryan Choi)
          #08 - Hush (with mask)
          #09 - Qwardian Weaponer
          #10 - Manhunter Robot
          #11 - Batman (version 1 costume - blue cape)
          #12 - Power Girl
          #13 - Batwoman
          #14 - The Question (with trenchcoat)
          #14 - The Question (orange shirt variant)
          #14 - The Question (white shirt variant)
          #15 - Wildcat (blue costume)
          #15 - Wildcat (black costume)
          #16 - Star Sapphire
          #17 - Dr. Fate
          #18 - Black Lightning
          #19 - Spectre

3rd row (from left to right):

          #20 - The Joker (purple costume)
          #20 - The Joker (black costume)
          #21 - Nightwing
          #22 - Scarecrow
          #23 - No figure released
          #24 - Batman (same as #11)
          #25 - Superman
          #26 - Gotham SWAT
          #27 - Wonder Woman
          #28 - Sinestro
          #29 - The Atom (Ray Palmer)
          #30 - Starfire
          #31 - Wonder Girl
          #32 - Black Canary
          #33 - Alex Luthor
          #34 - Batman (version 3 costume - yellow emblem)
          #35 - Thanagarian Wingman
          #36 - Green Arrow

4th row (from left to right):

          #37 - Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
          #38 - Lex Luthor (purple costume)
          #39 - The Flash (Wally West)
          #40 - Lexcorp Trooper (blonde hair)
          #41 - No figure released
          #42 - OMAC
          #43 - Supergirl (crisis costume)
          #43 - Supergirl (crisis costume) (battle damage)
          #44 - No figure released
          #45 - Comissioner Gordon (SWAT)
          #46 - Superman Prime
          #47 - The Flash (Jay Garrick)
          #48 - The Flash (Barry Allen)
          #49 - Psycho Pirate
          [Figures from 3-packs]
          Batman (Gotham Knights)
          Captain Boomerang

5th row (from left to right):

          Commissioner Gordon
          Deadshot (Gotham Knights)
          Lexcorp Trooper (dark hair)
          Mary Marvel
          Mirror Master
          Scarescrow (Gotham Knights)
          Thanagarian Warrior
          Weather Wizard
          [Figures from 6-packs]
          Batman (version 1 costume - black cape)

6th row (from left to right):

          Green Lantern (Hal Jordon) (translucent green)
          Green Lantern (John Stewart)
          Hush (without mask)
          Manhunter Robot (battle damaged)
          [Figures from 8-Packs]
          Captain Atom
          Lexcorp Trooper (with helmet)
          Superman (Earth 22 Kingdom Come)
          [Figures from Batman Movies]
          Batman (TDK costume)
          Bruce Wayne
          Joker's Thug
          Two Face

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Misc DC Shelf #1 (All-Star Superman & Phantom Lady)

Misc DC Shelf #1:

The right side of the shelf consists of the All-Star Superman figure. The All-Star Superman #1 comic behind is signed by Grant Morrison. The Phantom Lady bust is there because it is nice.

Batman Animated 4" Ladies Collection

Misc DC Shelf #1:

The left side of the shelf is the Batman Animated 4" Ladies Collection. Consists of all female figures (I've chosen the best sculpt versions) made by Kenner and Hasbro, which appeared in the Batman Animated cartoon series.

Watchmen Collection

Watchmen Collection. Consists of all figures made by DC Direct. I love Silk Spectre, so I've included the bust, as well as the prototype figure.

Batman: The Killing Joke Collection

Batman: The Killing Joke Collection. With the original 1988 first print comic signed by Brian Bolland.

Adam Hughes DC Cover Girls Statues & Busts Collection

Adam Hughes DC Statues & Busts Collection. Complete with all DC Direct's Cover Girls statues and busts based on the art of Adam Hughes.

Close-ups of the top shelf. These are the DC Cover Girls statues. Behind are the Adam Hughes' annual convention exclusive sketch books from 2005 to 2009, all signed by him.

Close-ups of the bottom shelf, showcasing the busts:

Star Wars General Grievous Collection

Star Wars General Grievous Collection. Hasbro 4" figures are not included because they were displayed in another shelf.

Futurama Collection

Futurama Collection
. Complete with all 6" figures made by Moore Collectibles and Toynami.

Close-ups of the top shelf. I've included my favourite Futurama DVD "Bender's Big Score".

Close-ups of the bottom shelf:

Emma Frost Collection

Emma Frost Collection. Consists of all Emma Frost figures ever released.

Close-up of the left side. I love Frank Quitely's design of Emma Frost, so the statue is included in this display. Behind the statue is New X-Men #116, featuring the cover which the statue is based on. The comic is signed by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely.

Close-up of right side:

Death Note Collection

Death Note Collection. Consists of the complete set of manga, Nendroid figures, N's finger toys, and of course, the note book.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mattel 4" Justice League Collection (Villians)

This is the Mattel 4" Justice League Collection (Villians).

This is complete with all villians characters which appeared in the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited (JLU) cartoons.

Top shelves close-up:

Middle shelves close-up:

Bottom shelf close-up:

Mattel 4" Justice League Collection (Heroes)

Next's up, Mattel 4" Justice League Collection (Heroes).

This is complete with all heroes characters which appeared in the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited (JLU) cartoons.

Top shelf close-up: Watchtower, Javelin 7, Hal Jordan, Twin Turbo (with Batman), DVDs.

Middle shelf close-up: The Big 7 (John Stewart, Wonder Woman, Batman, Hawkgirl, Superman, Martian Manhunter, Flash) and the rest.

Bottom shelf close-up:

First post: Mattel 6" DC Ladies Collection

First post! This blog is meant to showcase my toys collection. Let's hope I can update regularly.

Let's start off with the Mattel 6" DC Ladies Collection. This is complete with every 6" DC female figures released by Mattel.

Close-up of left shelf:

Close-up of right shelf: